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January 2001

The Church of Ireland Bishops' Appeal approved six grants at its January meeting including a 15,000 emergency grant for earthquake relief in El Salvador.

Christian Aid have a number of long term partner agencies in El Salvador, providing the long standing expertise and capacity that is so necessary if relief is to be used to the best effect. Partners expected the casualty statistics to rise, as the full scale of the devastation in the rural areas became apparent. Bishops' Appeal will add to the 15,000 any contributions received from parishes or individuals for the relief operation.

Christian Aid also received a grant of 15,000 towards the provision of prefabricated accommodation for homeless families in Bosnia.

The death of President Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo adds a further element of instability to an already deeply troubled country. Tracts of the country are occupied by foreign armies, whilst rebel forces are also active. The Anglican Diocese of North Kivu has a programme for the reintegration of 13,000 displaced people which includes the establishing sources of drinking water and latrines and providing health kits, farming tools and seeds. A grant of 15,700 was made through CMSIreland. The Diocese of Bukavu in the DR Congo has established a programme with the Pygmy community who are a marginalised group in a country beset by problems. A project to provide agricultural tools, seeds, livestock, fishing equipment, kitchen utensils and clothing through CMSIreland was granted 11,840.

In Kenya a Maasai Rural Training Centre has been established in Kajiado Diocese in the southwest of the country. CMSIreland have had an ongoing involvement with the work of the diocese and a grant of 2,925 was approved to finance the holding of workshops at the Centre.

Crosslinks support the work of the Emmanuel Health Association in India. The Association is seeking to provide an ultrasound scanner that will greatly enhance antenatal care at Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital in Robertsganj. A grant of 13,750 was made, covering the cost of the scanner, it installation and one month of intensive training for a medical member of staff.

Further details from Bishops' Appeal

The Revd Ian Poulton

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