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Board for Social Responsibility (NI)

What is the Church of Ireland Board for Social Responsiblity (NI)?

  • It is a Board set up by the General Synod of the Church of Ireland (the governing body of the Church of Ireland).
  • It is made up of clergy and laity from across Northern Ireland, who also represent different interests within the church e.g. Mothers' Union, Church Army.
  • The Board comments on social issues and legislation affecting Northern Ireland.
  • It gives practical help to assist the pastoral work of the Church.
  • It employs professional Social Work Staff.
  • The services are available to all Parishes in Northern Ireland.

Fertility Counselling Service

The Board has a contract with the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast to provide a counselling service for childless couples undergoing medical treatments.

In addition, referrals for fertility counselling can be made directly to the Board by couples attending other hospitals.

The Church of Ireland Adoption Society

  • Counsels women with an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Assesses prospective adoptive parents.
  • Counsels women who have given children up for adoption.
  • Places children for adoption.
  • Helps adult adoptees seeking access to original birth records.
  • Offers support to adoptive parents who have had children placed with them.

Legislation and Social Issues

The Board comments on proposed government legislation for Northern Ireland. Comment is also made on significant social and ethical issues.


The Board has a variety of resource material in both written and visual forms, which are available on loan.

Financial Assistance

  • Limited funds are available to give help to families and individuals in certain circumstances.
  • Application forms for financial assistance are available on request.
  • Referrals should be completed by a member of the clergy or a social work agency representative.
  • A limited number of toys are made available to families in need at Christmas.


  • The Board co-ordinates and provides training for clergy. It has set up and subsidised Marriage Preparation Courses.
  • Bereavement Counselling Courses are underway.
  • The Board has recently co-ordinated the development of an extended course on Marriage for Clergy from across Northern Ireland.
  • The Board welcomes suggestions as to which areas it should direct future training.


The Board offers advice on people's practical needs

  • help for alcoholics
  • hostel accommodation
  • sources of financial assistance

You can download a copy of the Board of Social Responsibility's 'Who Benefits' brochure here (in .pdf format)

You can download a copy of the Board of Social Responsibility's 'Adopting the Future - Comments' document here (in .pdf format)

You can download a copy of the Board of Social Responsibility's 'Christian Action on Problematic Drug and Alcohol Use, 2005-2008' Report here (in .pdf format)


For further information please contact the Church of Ireland Board for Social Responsibility (NI) at:

Ground Floor
Unit 2
18 Heron Road

Tel: 028 9073 6088
Fax: 028 9073 6087
Email: Board of Social Resposnsibility (NI)

Adoption Routes
Tel: 028 9073 6080
Email: info@adoptionroutes.co.uk

Fertility  Counselling Service NI
Tel: 028 9073 6081 
Email: info@fertilitycounsellingni.co.uk

Next Step
Tel: 028 9073 6086  
Email: info@nextstepni.org