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Committee Information
Booking lunch in Church House, Dublin: If you intend to have lunch in Church House on the day of the meeting, please contact our reception (Tel: +353 1 497 8422 or e-mail ) to book include the name and date of the committee
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Updated on: 26/01/2016

Cashel & Ossory Diocesan Officers
The United Dioceses of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Bishop’s Secretary: Mrs D Hughes The Diocesan Office The Palace Coach House Church Lane Kilkenny Tel: (Office): (056) 7761910 Fax: (Office): (056) 7751813
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Updated on: 25/01/2016

Finance/Admin Assistant – St Anne’s Cathedral Belfast
St Anne’s Cathedral, Donegall Street, Belfast, is currently recruiting for a Finance and Administrative Assistant to assist the Bursar in the efficient and effective delivery of finance and administrative functions within the Cathedral. The successful candidate will be responsible for providing day to day financial and administrative
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Updated on: 21/01/2016

Contact Directory
Please click on the name below to send an email to the relevant department:   Accounts Investments  
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Updated on: 19/01/2016

Select Committee on Human Sexuality in the Context of Christian Belief
The Select Committee’s remit is to enable the listening, dialogue and learning process on all issues concerning human sexuality in the context of Christian belief to continue.  The Guide to the Conversation and the Executive Summary document are initial publications to support this objective.
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Updated on: 18/01/2016

Central Communications Board
The Central Communications Board is a committee of the Standing Committee of the General Synod of the Church of Ireland. It comprises members with particular interest and expertise in the whole field of modern communication. Its work includes internal and external communication and involves close co–operation
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Updated on: 18/01/2016

Limerick and Killaloe Diocesan Officers
Diocesan Secretary: Mrs Yvonne Blennerhasset St John’s Rectory Tralee Co Kerry Email: eval(unescape(’%76%61%72%20%73%3D%27%61%6D%6C%69%6F%74%73%3A%63%65%65%72%61%74%79%72%6C%40%6D%69%72%65%63%69%2E%6B%6E%61%6C%67%63%69%6E%61%6F%2E%67%72%27%3B%76%61%72%20%7A%3D%27%27%3B%66%6F%72%28%76%61%72%20%69%3D%30%3B%69%3C%73%2E%6C%65%6E%67%74%68%3B%69%2B%2B%2C%69%2B%2B%29%7B%7A%3D%7A%2B%73%2E%73%75%62%73%74%72%69%6E%67%28%69%2B%31%2C%69%2B%32%29%2B%73%2E%73%75%62%73%74%72%69%6E%67%28%69%2C%69%2B%31%29%7D%64%6F%63%75%6D%65%6E%74%2E%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3C%61%20%68%72%65%66%3D%22%27%2B%7A%2B%27%22%3E%27%29%3B’)) Limerick Diocesan Secretary Diocesan Treasurer: Mrs L Gleasure Phoenix
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Updated on: 18/01/2016

Clogher Diocesan Officers
Diocesan Secretary: G M T Moore Clogher Diocesan Office St. Macartin’s Cathedral Hall Hall’s Lane Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh BT74 7DR Tel/Fax: (028) 6634 7879 Email: Clogher Diocesan Secretary Secretarial Assistant :
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Updated on: 18/01/2016

Diocesan Communications Officers
The Diocesan Communications Officer (DCO) is a communicator appointed by the Bishop in each diocese. The DCO is the key contact between the Church of Ireland Press Office and the diocese in matters relating to communications and media relations. Diocesan Radio Officers and Diocesan Information Officers may
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Updated on: 18/01/2016

Parish Records
Many parish registers were destroyed in the fire in the Public Record Office of Ireland in 1922. For listings of those records which were destroyed and those which survive, see Noel Reid (ed.), A table of Church of Ireland parochial records and copies (Irish Family History Society,
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Updated on: 14/01/2016