praising God

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Collects And Readings

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The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
The Sunday between 2 and 8 October Year B

Collect One

Lord, we beseech thee,
Grant thy people grace to withstand the temptations
of the world, the flesh, and the devil,
and with pure hearts and minds to follow thee
the only God;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Collect Two

Almighty and everlasting God:
Increase in us your gift of faith
that, forsaking what lies behind,
we may run the way of your commandments
and win the crown of everlasting joy;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The First Reading - Joshua 3: 7-17

The Psalm - Psalms 125, 126

The Second Reading - Romans 2: 1-16

The Gospel Reading - Matthew 10: 1-22

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Post Communion Prayer

All praise and thanks, O Christ,
for this sacred banquet,
in which by faith we receive you,
the memory of your passion is renewed,
our lives are filled with grace,
and a pledge of future glory given,
to feast at that table where you reign
with all your saints for ever.